Watermelons and Zen students
grow pretty much the same way.
Long periods of sitting
till they ripen and grow
all juicy inside, but
when you knock them on the head
to see if they are ready –
sounds like nothing’s going on.

— Peter Levitt

Healing Shame Core Workshop CE


Shame is a ubiquitous human experience. It is used in every culture to socialize children and to protect the tribe. Healthy shame has purpose, function and serves us by teaching us how to thrive in community. But toxic shame debilitates us and isolates us from humanity.  Releasing the underpinning of toxic shame restores vibrancy, self-esteem, resilience and self-reliance.



This is for 12 CEs for the “Healing Shame Core Workshop” with Brian Mahan, SEP, LRMP.

By purchasing this CE certificate you will receive an email with the certificate attached on completion of the two day workshop.  Partial credit is not available.

The email with your CE certificate will be sent to you after the course is complete. There is nothing else that you need to do to receive your certificate.