It’s easy to die
Just give your breath
back to the trees
and the wind.

— Peter Levitt

Penetrating the Defenses


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This is a two day workshop co-sponsored by the DEFT Institute and the Insight Center that is held at the Olympic Collection in West Los Angeles.

Therapists will gain practical knowledge that can be taken to the office and applied in our efforts towards better outcomes.

Presenters will demonstrate:

  1. A path to accessing unconscious emotions
  2. Elements of shame-sensitive psychotherapy
  3. Targeted interventions to disarm defenses
  4. Moment to moment attention to anxiety states
  5. An intuitive integration of evidence based approaches

Participants will learn how to:

  1. Activate an egalitarian partnership
  2. Track feelings, sensations and cognitions
  3. Convey compassion for the cost of defenses
  4. Avoid misattunement when working with resistance
  5. Interrupt treatment-destructive behavior
  6. Identify and clarify defenses for the patient
  7. Move beyond the fear of feelings