Bridging the gap between the verbal psychotherapies and the body-psychotherapies means taking the best resources from both, rather than choosing one over the other.

— Babette Rothschild

Sunday Sutta with Sunim




On Sunday mornings Rev. Hye Wol Sunim gives a dhamma talk and answers questions to provide a detailed an in-depth explanation of the Buddha’s teachings from the standpoint of the meditative practitioner. The intention of these sessions is to support a deepening of one’s practice through an exploration of the discourses of the Buddha. Rev. Sunim brings his depth of experience in both Theravadan (vipassana) and Mahayana (zen) traditions to an understanding of dhamma practice.

Rev. Hye Wol Sunim was first ordained in Sri Lanka in 1977 and took robes in the Korean Zen tradition in 1984. Rev Sunim studied with Buddhist masters in Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Australia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. He arrived in the US in 1991. He translates Pali texts and teaches the early Pali canon. Rev. Sunim founded the Meditation Center for Zen Communities and is planning a meditation Center in Southern California. Rev. Sunim is the guiding dhamma teacher for LA Dharma and The Insight Center.

Sutta Sundays include 2 periods of meditation, a dhamma talk and a Q&A period.

All are welcome.

There is no charge, donations are accepted. Tea and water are provided.