Just breathing and smiling can make us very happy, because when we breathe consciously we recover ourselves completely and encounter life in the present moment.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Coming Home to Yourself


Voice Dialogue is a technique that helps us approach the most troubling symptoms in our intrapsychic and interpersonal lives by honoring the complexity of the mind in a compassionate, respectful and non-pathologizing way. We will share a dynamic experiential day learning to recognize these voices, how they protect us and how they can cause tremendous personal and interpersonal conflict resulting in negative bonding patterns.

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Coming Home to Yourself

Voice Dialogue Therapy

Elaine Rosenson, LMFT

May 21, 2022
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm pst

A Safe Workshop via Zoom

This workshop will explore all of the parts of ourselves – the parts we know, and the parts less well known or hidden.  All of these parts make up how we want to be seen by the world.  Even though we think we know ourselves and our internal voices, listening to them helps us deepen our knowledge of ourselves and understand more fully the way they affect our behavior and relationships.  

We embody each part of ourselves through the Voice Dialogue process.  As we experience these different parts we get to experience the fullness of each – its thoughts, motivations, desires, fears, drivers, and physical sensations.  This allows us to begin to know ourselves more deeply, providing a positive, aware connection to ourself as an integrated whole.  When we grow our center, we can make choices true to our authentic self. 

This workshop will help you develop an aware center in your clients that grows with the full experience of each aspect of self.  When we deeply experience ourselves without judgment, one part at a time, we come to realize that there is so much more to embrace.  We learn to relate to all the parts of ourselves with compassion and choice from a grounded center. 

Learning the method of Voice Dialogue and engaging in Voice Dialogue therapy will help you know how to listen to the different selves and help facilitate them so your client can know themselves for the first time.



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