Safe driving involves timely and careful braking combined with acceleration at the rate that the traffic, driver and vehicle can bear. So does safe trauma therapy.

— Babette Rothschild

Insight Center Workshop Videos

These following are video recordings of workshops at the Insight Center.  Once purchased they are available to be streamed on any device that supports a browser.  They are not downloadable or available on DVD.

NARM Approach to Shame — $125 (3 hours)

Shame and guilt become the basis for crippling identifications and self-judgments that can last a lifetime.  The negative beliefs about themselves such as “I am bad, ” and the many variations of that belief, are built upon the early experience: “I feel bad.” Understanding that shame and guilt have more to do with environmental failure than with personal failure helps people see themselves in a new, more compassionate light.  This is a excellent introduction to the NARM model and how it generally addresses shame.