The empathic roots of clinical intuition can be traced back to the mammalian attachment system, where instincts to nurture, love, and bond with others facilitate our understanding of them.

— Terry Marks-Tarlow

Elaine Rosenson, MFT

Ongoing Voice Dialogue Group

Monday Mornings
Twice a Month
10:00  – Noon

This is an ongoing group that meets twice monthly.
New groups are forming.

Michael Shiffman, Ph.D.
310. 445. 2160


There is an ancient text in alchemy that says:
Whatever is below is similar to that which is above.

This bi-weekly group is designed to assist each member to explore the unconscious and the shadow in the tradition of Carl Jung using a method of active imagination called Voice Dialogue.  Voice Dialogue was originated by Dr. Hal Stone, Ph.D, Jungian Analyst, and Sidra Stone, Ph.D..  Marion Woodman emphasized that psyche and soma are inseparable. Members are taught to use their body and vocal expression to express all aspects of the self.

Voice Dialogue emphasizes three aspects of consciousness. The person who is the Client is asked to embody and give voice to any and all aspects of the mind/body/soul that desires expression. This includes images from dreams, waking life, belief systems, protector parts of us, and parts of us that are disowned. The facilitator mirrors this expression and holds a presence with warm curiosity. The group serves as the Container holding a sacred space as they witness the moment to moment unfolding of the unique experience of self.

The interaction of these three aspects of consciousness creates a strong embodied center which allows a person to integrate the different and often conflicting aspects of self. This integration process promotes individuation and a sense of wholeness, self-acceptance and choice. This is a non-judgmental place for you to do deep personal work while learning a powerful new experiential approach with clients! In this small group setting you will learn through didactic teaching, experiencing, and dreamwork.

In this ongoing group students will:

  • Learn the basic principles of Voice Dialogue, the Psychology of Selves and the Aware Ego Process.
  • Learn to work with the dynamics of relationships, creating a roadmap to help couples communicate from an authentic place.
  • Begin to explore your own set of Primary and Disowned Selves and how they shape your life.
  • Create a sense of well being as we assist the brain to achieve integration of aspects of self, conscious and unconscious.
  • Discover the wealth of information your dreams will uncover.
ElainRosensonElaine Rosenson, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice in Encino, CA for over 25 years. She is a nationally recognized therapist and Voice Dialogue facilitator and teacher.  She trained extensively with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, the originators of Voice Dialogue. She has served as a staff member and has been endorsed by them to provide trainings to professionals and the general public.  In 1991, she founded the Valley Voice Dialogue Center where she has trained therapists on how to use Voice Dialogue for their own deep personal work and in their own practice.  She has presented classes at CSUN, at numerous intern training centers in Los Angeles as well as at CAMFT, SD-CAMFT, SFV-CAMFT, GPASC, and GPALA Conferences.  Elaine is a Past-President of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of CAMFT and has been an active member for over 30 years.
Elaine became inspired by the embodied depth psychology work of Marion Woodman, Ph.D., a world-renowned Jungian analyst, who brought bodywork to the Jungian community.  In 2010, Elaine graduated from Dr. Woodman’s prestigious three-year BodySoul Rhythms Leadership Training Program.  The program incorporates Jungian therapy, dance movement, art, dream analysis, voice and bodywork. Elaine has incorporated this work into her psychotherapy practice and finds it reaches people deeply, enabling them to discover their authentic nature.

Continuing Education:

Continuing Education Units are available. A CE certificate is issued for each module for a $20 charge per module. Instructions for purchasing CE certificates will be emailed once registration is completed and certificates are issued after the module is completed.

Psychologists: The Insight Center is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Insight Center maintains responsibility for this program and its content. This course is provides 6 CE units.

MFTs / LCSWs / LPCCs:  The California Board of Behavioral Sciences accepts APA CEs. This course provides 6 CE units.

Nurses: The Insight Center, Provider Number 14914, is an approved provider by the California Board of Registered Nursing. This course provides 6 CE units.