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Generosity of the heart supports a generosity of the spirit. It brings forth a happiness that goes well beyond the act of giving. Not only do we derive pleasure from generosity, we continue to get joy from the memory.

Your contributions make it possible for our work to have its greatest impact.
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I support the Insight Center

The Insight Center is distinctive among both meditation centers and training institutes because we:

  • Limit our meditation class size to 16 or less;
  • Explore our students’ inner experience as well as offer formal dhamma teachings;
  • Use mindfulness practices and Western psychotherapy approaches;
  • Teach relational body psychotherapy;
  • Train therapists to approach early developmental trauma;
  • Train therapists to use neuroaffective and neurophysiological touch with early relational trauma;
  • Provide Continuing Education for Psychologists, MFTs, LCSWs, and LPCCs;
  • Bring our humanity, our compassion and our skills to every session.

Our fees are kept as low as possible and do not cover our annual operating costs. We need your support to keep the Insight Center working at its best.