How many years of suffering
revealed in hands like his
small and deliberate as a child’s
The way he raises them
from his lap, grasps the teacup
with sure, unhurried ease
Yet full of anticipation
for what he will taste in each sip
he drinks as if it’s his first time
Lifts the cup to his mouth
a man who’s been practicing all his life,
each time tasting something new.

— Amy Oyematsu


We video record clinical trainings and dhamma talks. They can be viewed both in real time and streamed at your convenience.

The dhamma talks are free.

The clinical training webinars are for a fee and will be posted soon. We are applying to the American Psychological Association to be certified for home study so that the clinical trainings can be view for continuing education credit which should be approved by the end of September.

Dhamma Talks with Rev. Hye Wol Sunim

Please Note:  These dhamma talk videos start with 30 minutes of silent meditation so that viewers can share the meditation period prior to the talk.  You can skip the silence by selecting a point on the progress line.

  1.  April 28, 2019 Dhamma Talk
  2. May 26, 2019 – The Buddhas BD – Refuge and Precepts Ceremony