It won’t
Rain tonight
The stars
Just can’t
Keep quiet.

— Lawson Fusao Inada


We record our clinical trainings. They can be  streamed at your convenience. Tuition for these recordings provides unlimited usage by the purchaser for one month from the registration date.

Continuing Education Units are included in the registration for these webinars.

  1. Adult Attachment Interview
    Joni Lavick
    , LMFT
    Recorded on February 13, 2021

  2. If You Build it They will Come
    Andrew Susskind, LCSW, SEP, CGP
    Recorded on January 23, 2021

  3. Connection is the Opposite of Addiction
    Andrew Susskind, LCSW, SEP, CGP
    Recorded on September 26, 2020

  4. Got a Griever in Your Office?
    Debi Frankle, LMFT
    Recorded June 20, 2020

  5. Mindfulness and Somatic Regulation
    Michael Shiffman, Ph.D.
    Recorded May 30, 2020