Process Group For Licensed Therapists

The groups I offer are open to all adults and I solicit the widest diversity.   The groups for psychotherapists are process oriented psychotherapy groups.  This group supports personal exploration and a deeper understanding of our communication style and how it affects others.

This group is for licensed psychotherapists.

For information regarding openings and costs email Michael Shiffman at

Group Goals:

  • To support each participant to express their widest range of feelings and thoughts, and to explore their emotional experience with people inside and outside the group;
  • To actively engage problems, concerns and challenges that motivate group participation;
  • To put feelings into words, not actions, and express them skillfully to group members;
  • To receive and give feedback appropriately;
  • To enhance each participant’s capacity to express empathy while honoring our own needs and experience.

Group Guidelines:

  1. Regular and timely attendance is expected. Members agree to be present each week, to arrive on time, and remain throughout the entire meeting. If you cannot attend a particular meeting, please leave a message for me by phone at 310-261-5618.
  2. Confidentiality. Members will treat matters that occur in the group with utmost confidentiality. What is discussed in the group should remain in the group. This insures a safe environment for all group members to express their thoughts and feelings.
  3. Relationships. Members agree to use relationships made in the group therapeutically and not socially. There should be no contact among group members outside the group and if such contact should occur it should be brought back and shared in the group.
  4. Ongoing group. Participating in a group can be anxiety provoking. Please share any concerns you have about the group to make your needs known.
  5. Group Departures. If you plan to leave the group, please give at least one month for you and the other group members to process any feelings about leaving. Group members are emotionally and psychologically invested in each other and sudden departures can be very difficult.
  6. Group Distractions. Eating or audible devices are not permitted during the group.
  7. Alcohol and Drugs. Please refrain from consumption of any alcohol or recreational drugs during the day the group meets.
  8. Group Fees.Fees are charged after each session, however, they will be automatically charged regardless of attendance.