Our courses for psychotherapists are advanced trainings that keep licensed therapists up-to-date with cutting-edge theory and clinical models. We offer courses on self-care, clinical intuition, creativity in psychotherapy, somatic practices, trauma resolution and crucial theoretical issues such as nonlinearity and fractals in clinical processes. These clinical courses provide practical skill-building experiences and detailed discussions of current theoretical issues. Our faculty and associates are often principals to these discussions and provide a rich learning environment for new and senior practitioners. Most of these courses are one to three days in length and provide continuing education credit for psychotherapists and nurses. Our Center is committed to offering the most current courses available.


20081216-1762-00999We offer both day long and seven-week introductory courses that teach the basics of mindfulness meditation. We also offer advanced topical courses applying mindfulness practices to emotional and cognitive patterns, bodily holding patterns, anxiety and chronic pain. We occasionally teach Sunlun meditation (from the Sunlun Sayadaw monastery) and body scanning as practiced by Sayagyi U Ba Khin. During our Sunday Sutta Study, Rev. Hye Wol Sunim teaches the Dhammapada and suttas from the early teachings of the Buddha.